Bowling in Cambridge

Personal connection is the most unmet need in families. While parents are busy trying to afford a life, kids are always busy trying to cope up with the education system. The only time that the entire family is together is in the evening, when the school going children return with loads of homework which must be completed by the next morning. This happens every single weekday.

During the weekend, families have to decide what to do. Nothing pays back the lost family time like a day out bowling. It is not really just about throwing balls and checking out who has higher points. It is about teaching children healthy competition, strategy, determination, skill and above all, involvement. When younger kids get lighter balls or use rolling ramps, it’s fair because they are learning, thereby enabling the entire family to be closer.

Sometimes playing with kids can be tiresome, as they have the energy to simply go on and on. At this juncture, the kids can keep on playing while the parents connect over drinks. Because of the high level of engagement and safety of the game, the parents can go deep in their conversations, bringing back the feelings of concern and care that sometimes get wasted by job stress.

Bowling is popular in Cambridge, and that means that other kids may also be in the lane. It also means that there are many places to choose from, and services are good because of competition. With competition also comes ways of promoting patronage, like coupons and discounts which are available mostly on Fridays.

Booking can be done online or one can be allocated a line on arrival if it is free. In Cambridge, the bowling can continue till midnight, having started at 10 am or 11 am. This implies that whatever the reason and whoever one you are with; bowlers are assured of spending the longest time, doing what they love most.