Build up their dream to become a pilot in Cambridge’s flight studio

Children are fascinated by what adults usually take for granted, like cars, babies, motorcycles, and aeroplanes. When they reach a certain age, they begin to understand careers and start role-playing.

From the first day that a child announces that he wants to be a pilot, a parent should start thinking of Cambridge’s flight studios. While some parents would be satisfied with buying their children toy planes, captains’ uniforms and probably flying along with them, it is not the real thing. Being a passenger is a different experience from being a pilot.

The flight studios understand this too well. People don’t go there to become passengers. They go to become pilots. One sits in front of a set of controls and radio communication, and with the help of the staff, is able to maneuver a commercial flight from its chosen airport to its destination. The experience of bad weather, delayed landing, mountainous regions, and the controls that one has to observe before taking off and prior to landing all have importance. They either fuel the passion to continue with the dream of becoming a pilot or will scare the child altogether, making them realise that their passion isn’t deep enough.

But flight studios are just not for kids. They are also for adults, people who are searching for a fun activity that borders on real and reel life. Something that can fulfill their desires and of which they are too settled to pursue. Flying Boeing 707 using the simulator gives the exact same experience, immersing the “pilot” into the skies unknown, for a few hours, or for a day-long trip. It is a good way of escaping the problems that are so used to following their victims, and feeling totally in control. By the time a person lands, thanks to the “troubles in the air”, they have learned to master their situations.

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