Explore your fun moments with boat rowing

While fun involves activity, there comes a moment where one would want to do something alone. Boat rowing is one of such activities that one can do on their own or in a group. Boat rowing or racing in River Thames is something worth getting involved in. While some would want a solo rowing, fighting their own troubles, some would prefer to be in a race, and some to be cheering racers. Whatever the case, a lot of fun is assured.

Mostly, people would want to row on their own and compete when they have certain issues to deal with. In such circumstances, they visualise the moving water as their troubles, against which they must gain stamina to fight. Their minds register that they have conquered, thus increasing their will to deal with their real-life troubles. On the other hand, competitions can cause some sense of excitement which stimulates the release of hormones that lower a person’s stress levels.

The unique experience of rowing in a river and meeting different kinds of people is more than just exciting, it is adventurous. It offers a chance to build one’s social circle and hence widen one’s network. Boat rowing is mainly done through clubs in Cambridge. The clubs are of different types, some being entirely student-based like the Oxford and the Cambridge boat rowing clubs while some are non-student based. Non-student clubs are the best as they offer a great level of flexibility to those who are interested in joining.

Aside from the activity of rowing, one can just travel to watch boat racing. Mainly done once a year, boat racing usually involves two university clubs. Like in any other competition, the place is charged with cheering squads from each side. With singing, sometimes dancing and chanting the teams’ slogans, hopes are high, followed by celebration, ending a well-spent day.

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