Taking a walk through Cambridge University’s botanical garden

Nature has healing properties. However, this can only be discovered as one interacts with it, appreciating its very existence and stunning beauty. Cambridge University‘s botanical garden offers this, and much more.

A visit to Cambridge is never complete without a walk through this garden. Aside from the obvious weight loss associated with walking as an exercise, the mix of aromas from 8,000 species of plants procured from all over the world ushers one into the freshness of the yesteryears. The sight of the variety of plants raises the curiosity within, inducing an excitement and a desire to learn more.

As one’s excitement increases, they find themselves walking longer and longer to explore even more plants, some within their natural habitat and some within glass houses. It is tempting to pick up flowers or take selfies, surrounded by beauty in its finest.

But walking, even with a purpose or when excited can be boring and the excitement can quickly turn into boredom when one is alone. Additionally, the land is vast, covering about 40 acres (16 hectares). It is not practical to envision walking alone in every part of the garden, and mastering every species of plants. However, with a partner, holding hands and trusting nature’s bonding secrets, one can quickly immerse into the environment.

Aside from walking, one may rest under the shadows of trees, enjoying the cool breeze of a broken wind. It is the easiest way to unwind, as the environment can transition one into a moment in which their dreams come alive. During such times, one can gain the courage to make a marriage proposal, or decide to pursue an endeavour. It’s the power of seeing possibilities, of developing a new vision and of deciding that all dreams are valid. This is also possible for groups, both academic and non-academic.