Turn fun time into lesson time with cheeky monkeys

Children have differing abilities. While some have high levels of understanding, some are blessed with great memory, yet, some have moderate or low memory and understanding. Helping such children to cope may require a good strategy. If a child is constantly reminded that they are taking too long to understand, they may begin to develop a low self-esteem. Such children can be tricked into learning.

It is only in Cambridge where one can easily turn educational moments into great fun for children, and especially those who are already going to school (age 4 – 8). It is as simple as playing cheeky monkeys, a game in which children are forced to develop their counting, social, observational and eye coordinating skills. These are typically what are taught at the pre-school level.

Monkeys love bananas. Therefore, children in the game are engaged in collecting and counting bananas while others are busy strategising to steal them. The game also involves hanging 3D monkeys onto 3D trees.

While the game might appear to be too easy, it is designed for children and reviews show that the target age group actually finds it funny and engaging. The children are able to learn it fast and compete with each other. Even if a child appears to be slow in academics, the game activates their stronger points, as they have to fight their way to ensure that they have the most number of bananas.

Ideally, children learn best when they are put in an environment involving competition, and where they would want to make their parents proud by being the best. Although children who have emotional issues or those who feel insecure such as bullies, may try to spoil the game either by crying or turning physical, the staffs are always on alert, ensuring that the game is played in accordance with the rules and that children are safe while playing.