Your team building just got better with Cambridge’s escape rooms

At some point in life, everyone finds the “hide and seek” game fascinating. Children have to search for each other within the shortest time possible, and make sure that they reach the common dispatch area before the person who was hiding. Perhaps, this is the concept that has been used in the development of escape games.

The difference with these games is that people don’t actually hide, they accept and pay to be locked up. Also, instead of trying to find one another, they work together to find a way out, and this has to be within an hour. Because of the limited time and the difficulty of the puzzles, all minds must be at work, and each person must cooperate. Nothing typifies what employers want than to have their employees learn to work in a team to solve, this time not games, but in real life situations.

The manner in which the games are presented and the arrangement and the decoration of the rooms really draw much interest. For instance, imagine oneself being locked in the Egyptian Tomb, or spy room, or Armageddon room. The names alone communicate the need to escape, stimulating one’s adrenaline, which is the ideal situation when a tough problem arises within an organisation.

While a team can comprise of 16 people, it can also comprise of 2 people. The number makes it even easy to include any other social team, like family. There are about 18 providers of escape games in Cambridge that are listed on Trip Advisor. This only means that although escape games are not very popular around the world, it is in Cambridge that one can find utmost creativity, variety, quality, enjoyment, and learning.

Everyone who experience these games, even older adults, find them fascinating enough to want to try them out again. This can also be attributed to the time limit which allows for concentration and hyper engagement, leaving everyone craving for another moment.

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